a brief primer on the benefits of co2!

a brief primer on the benefits of co2!

I have written and spoken quite about how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is beneficial, and NOT a concern.  Today I wanted to share some articles that back up my claims.  These are just a few that have been recently produced. There are volumes more. The bottom line is this; the facts are there for anyone who is worried that CO2 is a problem….and a little research should allay any fears that man is putting too much CO2 into the air.

The first piece is from Greenpeace Founder, Patrick Moore, of all people. He understands clearly that the CO2 we put into the atmosphere…comes from nature in the first place. By the way, man is not CREATING more CO2…just re-releasing naturally based CO2 back into the air temporarily

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Next is some research demonstrating that the planet is actually “greening up” due to the increasing CO2 levels.  I saw a study 10 years ago that suggested that CO2 levels 3 times higher than they are now…would be agriculturally beneficial.  At a time when locust are devastating crops in other countries, we should want more productive yields from our crops, so we can feed the rest of the world!

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And finally, a comprehensive report from H. Sterling Burnett, compiles a list of agricultural benefits from increasing CO2.  This is a really well researched piece, and well worth a few minutes of your time!  Mr. Burnett works for the Heartland Institute…where I am also a policy advisor.

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These are just a few bits of information that should help to clear up any misunderstanding of the important role carbon dioxide plays in the maintaining and supporting life on earth as we know it!