The ACEA plans on addressing a range of topics related to the environment, particularly energy and the climate. Topics that the ACEA will tackle include:


  • Is Renewable Energy Viable: The truth about wind and solar.
  • Wind Energy: Why wind is an environmentally unfriendly energy source.
  • Nuclear Energy: A solution to our future energy needs.
  • Climate Facts: The truth about the history of climate change.
  • Anthropogenic Climate Change: Can man really change our climate?
  • Weather vs. Climate: Universally misunderstood differences between the two.
  • The Sun: The forgotten player in climate change.
  • Climate Based Policy: How radical environmentalism is creating a financial catastrophe for the U.S.
  • Conservation Conversations: What can the public really do to help the environment?


Stay tuned to our Topics page for more information about these areas of interest.


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