Be very wary of people who advocate for never letting a crisis go to waste.

The Coronavirus has presented an opportunity for climate change alarmists to make all sorts of claims connecting climate change to pandemics.  It’s already in the works, and once the virus worries ease…the climate hand wringing will kick in full force.

You don’t have to look hard to see the headlines:

More Than 400 News Outlets Partner With A Project Seeking Media To Beef Up Climate Coverage Amid Pandemic

Futurist: Oil Industry Doomed by ChiCom-19 Because Climate Change…

Washington Post’s science reporter claims: ‘Climate change affects everything — even the coronavirus’

Al Gore Says Humans Encroaching on Wildlife, Sees Link to Virus

That’s just a few I could find in a few minutes this morning…there are many more….and many more to come.

The reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak clearly demonstrates how effective fear can be as a motivator. Especially fear of the unknown. And there is still a lot we don’t know about the Coronavirus.

Climate change activists have been tapping into that fear factor for a long time. It’s evident in how many of our young people today are worried about climate change.  Anyone under 40 has been told that man-made climate change is destroying the planet for their entire lives. Never mind the climate change claims are easily debunked and discredited by actual science. It’s easy to convince people of anything if one side of an argument is all that they are allowed to hear.

Debunking climate change claims is easy. The science is there…the facts discredit alarmist claims. The hard part is getting the word out to enough people to make a difference. Especially when the climate change lie is being taught in our public schools as fact. Our children are being indoctrinated into a belief system that will herd them into a dystopian future where only politically expedient “facts” are allowed to be considered. Factual statements that question the climate change narrative are already being labeled as “hate speech” The post-coronavirus world only makes that sort of totalitarian approach to science easier to promote…and more dangerous to the truth.

The fact that Americans so willingly agreed to allow a handful of medical experts and politicians to lock down this country is cause for concern. The virus did present a threat, but so does the herd mentality that allows group think to trump individual freedom. Is this the beginning of a new era where every little crisis presents an opportunity to place increasing controls on our society? I sure hope not.

So, beware the coming wave of climate craziness. Arm yourself with facts.  And, help our young people to understand the dangers of following a cult-like belief system that claims that science is determined by consensus. It is not, and never has been.